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The fruition of Silk & Tee stemmed from a love affair and a surprisingly slow realization: how fashion and style can draw someone’s confidence to the surface and make them feel beautiful from the inside out. 


Volunteering to style girls from immigrant, refugee, and low-income families really engaged my power of sight to how fashion and style have a direct effect on girls’ and women’s esteem. Many times, it was the same story: she would come in, quiet and reserved, but as soon as she entered the fitting room, that’s where the magic happened. When she stepped out of the fitting room, her posture straightened, and she became more confident. It didn’t matter what size or body shape they were; almost every one of them left looking confident and feeling celebrated. 


Silk & Tee’s goal is to take that experience and share it with every woman. So many times, women are too busy to style an outfit, or just unsure if it flatters their body shape. My objective is to take the guesswork out and help you feel your absolute best.  

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