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Closet Refresh

Pieces in your closet seemingly out of date or just repetitive? Has that “perfect outfit” lost its lustre and you don’t get the same confident feeling when you slip it on? Instead, it just feels… overdone, and somewhat antiquated. And not only do you lack the time to play dress-up and dream up new ways to re-style those pieces, you’re just not quite sure how to breathe new life into them. Been there, done that. The solution for me was to just go some other new pieces to fall in love with, but then the vicious cycle just perpetuated and I was back to square one. That was until I took the time to work with each piece and learn how to re-wardrobe them. 


Let me breathe new life into your pieces and help you revive them and reveal their versatility and wearability. And for all the pieces that have reached the end of their lifeline, we can give them a proper send off, then find other suitable, more timeless pieces, to fill their place and elevate your wardrobe. 



  • Assess your wardrobe and purge pieces that have lived past their prime 

  • Re-arrange your favourite looks and pieces to create new looks

  • Since some pieces can be seasonless, I can go through and show you how to wardrobe them for different seasons 

  • Separate obvious seasonal pieces i.e. skirts, sandals; winter jackets, winter boots 

  • Discretionary option to shop for new pieces 

For all pricing and other inquiries, please email

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