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  • Reina Mohamed

Tips on Creating your Capsule Wardrobe

Curating a capsule wardrobe can be quite an undertaking. Where to start? Which pieces to prioritize? Does “capsule” mean sans trendy pieces? Start by purging your closet of pieces you haven’t touched in a while, and probably never will again. Prioritize pieces that you always turn to and ones that you absolutely adore, but might be more for special occasions, or trendy pieces you don’t wear daily, but love and work very seamlessly with what you have.

Invest in Pieces that Break Cyclical Fashion.

Pieces like the t-shirt, denim, and blazers, to name a few, have outlasted wars and trends and can be paired with virtually anything, styled multiple ways, and has no boundaries.

Versatility is Key

Whether it’s for work, play, or travel, your pieces should work with and for you. Pairing transitions should be seamless and simple; it shouldn’t be hard to style them with what you have.

Quality > Quantity

Spend a bit more on longevity if you’re looking for classics and versatility, pieces that will stand against the wash and wears of time.

Accessories to add Depth and Interest to your Looks.

Details as simple as the perfect pair of earrings or a complementary belt can take your look from drab and lifeless to well-balanced and elevated. Accessories reveal a thoughtfulness and creativity that takes your entire look to the next level.

Choose Pieces that Complement your Lifestyle.

Whether it’s a simple tee or classic button-up, opt for pieces that work with your wardrobe and can effortlessly transition between your daily activities.

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