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  • Reina Mohamed

The Only Drama is my Sleeves

Updated: May 10, 2021

Besides notably implementing grave political and social reforms, the Victorian era also made a lasting contribution to fashion when they introduced Victorian sleeves. Building off of the puff sleeve introduced in the Renaissance, the Victorians took some of the drama from the shoulders and added it to the sleeves. Varying in design and style throughout the years, puff and Victorian sleeves are still enduring and popular.

Traditional Victorian style was introduced in a variety of colours, but the timelessness of crisp whites with a dramatic flair make these pieces quintessential for spring and summer.

Much like this Massimo Dutti blouse with its soft and striking ruffles. Inherently versatile, make it adventurous with some denim shorts, keep it classic with some trousers, or meet halfway and pair them with some chinos.

"It's not about the trend or the brand, it's about style."

This H&M piece has a touch of modernity with a hip-knot.

Easy-going and perfect for causal outings, it also makes a great companion for the office.

Whether it's puff sleeves or acid neon, opt for pieces within a trend that works in harmony with your wardrobe and personality. Cuts and colours are some of the characteristics to keep in mind when you're looking for a trendy piece that can be styled effortlessly. For different variations of the Victorian or puff sleeve blouse, head over to Aritzia or Nordstrom!

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