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  • Reina Mohamed

Short and Sweet

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Since it was taboo for women to wear pants for the majority of history, you could imagine what the reaction was like when women started wearing them. As the likes of Jackie O. and Twiggy were dawning Bermuda shorts publicly in the 60’s, unbeknownst to them, they paved the way for a fashion movement and the rise for hot pants in the 70’s.

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Immortalized and democratized in the fashion scene by our leggy predecessors, there’s a pair of shorts for you regardless of your shape, size, or style. Denim, utilitarian, leather, whatever your mood and personality are for the day.

As always, denim shorts have been a perpetual summer staple and with fashionistas constantly coming up with new ways to style them, they'll likely remain an intergenerational piece.

Historically designed for a straighter and smaller frame, brands like Agolde and Denim Forum have revolutionized the denim short game and expanded their sizing and fits. So now the bodacious booty girls can try their hand at styling this timeless piece.

As minimalistic looks are making seeing a resurgence and and utilitarian styles have maintained their popularity, they're claiming their place in our closets and quickly becoming pieces we constantly turn to.

With the myriad of fits and styles this trend offers, they're ideal for any body shape to dress up or dress down.

For more great options and colours, check out Banana Republic and Aritzia!

Photo: @alpa.rama

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Before the resurrection of the bike short splattered all over your Instagram, it was once a political symbol, too. Confined to dresses and skirts, the only chance women legally were allowed to wear shorts was when they were biking. Claiming that they, “were riding to greater freedom, to a nearer equality with man, to the habit of taking care of herself, and to new views on the subject of clothes philosophy”, substantiates its place as more than a fashion statement; it symbolized the refusal to remain complacent.

black bike shorts, black blazer, white top, summer style, summer trend
Photo: @sarayking

With its flattering hemline and cut, along with its versatility, it’s not surprising that as the trend is evolving for the newer generation and quickly becoming apart of our timeless collection.

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