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Before her lifestyle changed and she welcomed a beautiful baby boy into her world, she worked with international students at Sait as a support system and helped them adjust to life in Calgary. When she wasn't working, she loved to dine out with her girlfriends and explore different wine regions.

When working with Erin, she had a conservative budget for her styling session and wanted her pieces to be highly versatile. So, I started with some pieces that would work in harmony with pieces she already had and would be suitable for the office and for brunch with the girls.

Erin's style is pretty conservative and simple, but with some help and time, she decided to be a little more adventurous with her pieces and realized that  bit of print and colour are not as hard and time-consuming to wardrobe as she thought.

I styled the trendier pieces with more timeless and basic ones to balance out the look and colours. Since Erin's body shape is pretty slender and rectangularI styled her in pieces that had a little more heft and cinched at the waist to give her more shape and curvature.

Usually favouring utility over style, Erin prefers the simplicity and versatility of pants and trousers, but she decided to integrate a few dresses into her wardrobe.

When I was stying her in dresses, it followed the same philosophy as the outfits above; fitted styles with a cinched waist to create curvature and shape.

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